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GM’s Boler-Davis Named Corporate Executive of the Year

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GM executive wins 2016 Trumpet Award

Alicia Boler-Davis wins 2016 Corporate Executive of the Year award

At last month’s presentation of the 24th Annual Trumpet Awards, Alicia Boler-Davis, senior vice president, Global Connected Customer Experience, General Motors, was named the 2016 Corporate Executive of the Year. Boler-Davis earned the award not only for the work she has done in her tenure at GM, but also for her contributions to helping open up opportunity for women and minorities in the auto industry.

“Throughout my career, I was pushed to try new things—things that I hadn’t done before, and things that I couldn’t have imagined doing,” said Boler-Davis. “I truly believe that each of us can put our talents to use to change the world if we are willing to be bold, to take risks, and to write the books that need to be written.”

Boler-Davis began working for GM in 1994 as a manufacturing engineer, and she eventually rose to become the first African American female plant manager in company history. Over 20 years, she has made significant contributions to the growth of OnStar, and she is the current leader of the GM Urban Active team, which is exploring new personal mobility solutions.