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GM’s Driving Simulator Tests Super Cruise in Realistic Conditions

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General Motors’ Research Driving Simulator

GM’s Driving Simulator – The Super Cruise

GM’s driving simulator is helping developers study how drivers interact with Super Cruise, a semi-automated driving system which will ease the drivers workload in highway driving, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and on long road trips (and no snoozing at the wheel – safety features will ensure drivers stay alert on the road).

The upgraded simulator features “a 360-degree high-definition projection screen integrated with a 2-terabyte-per-second image generator allows visuals to dynamically respond to steering and pedal force inputs within 70 milliseconds,” according to a recent news release.

These upgrades create a very realistic road feel and quick response to driver actions, even details like eye-glance behavior can be measured and evaluated. Suppliers and developers can easily load models, vehicle concept designs, and vehicle control systems for testing with minimum programming before actually building them.

“Simulator testing helps our vehicle teams understand the consequences of design decisions quickly and early in the development cycle when it is cost effective to do so,” said John Capp, director of GM Electrical, Controls and Active Safety Research. “Ultimately, the work done here enables the rapid development of sophisticated systems like Super Cruise and leads to improved driving experiences for our customers.”

Pending successful testing and development using GM’s driving simulator, we can hope to see the Super Cruise in action later this decade, which sounds like a really long time, but we think this technology will be worth the wait.

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