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Good Samaritans Can Now Save California Dogs

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The staff of The News Wheel have been talking for years about the dangers of leaving pets alone in cars during the summer months (or really any time at all). Of course, if a dog is found in a hot car, it might be possible to break them out, but the rescuers are protected by law in only some states. As of this month, you can add California to the list of states that will allow you to free a dog from the sweltering ovens parked cars become.

While many states’ Good Samaritan laws protect people who break car windows to recue children left alone, the same protection is not always ensured when it comes to pets. It’s a big victory for animal advocates for California to pass similar protections to rescuers looking to help dogs, especially considering that California tends to have higher temperatures than the more northern states of this country. California Assembly members Kristin Olsen, Ling Ling Chang, and Marc Steinorth drafted the bill, called “The Right to Rescue Act” or Assembly Bill 797.

Before you start breaking windows, though, listen up. Before any glass can be broken, it is required that the person on the scene report the situation to law enforcement. The rescuer can then take action if there is an immediate threat and the doors are locked and officers will not make it to the scene in time. While no one will be punished for freeing the animal, the Good Samaritan is required to remain with the vehicle and animal until the proper authorities arrive.

Hopefully more states will pass laws like this for poor pets left in cars by careless owners.

News Source: MentalFloss