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Google Goes on Hiring Spree for Driverless Car Division

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Google Koala Car

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Photo: TomoNews US via Youtube

Are you bored with your job? Want one that is likely going to be a great time? Well, look no further than Google. The tech giant is currently going on a hiring spree for its driverless car testing sites. While Google is known as being rather selective in its hiring, the company currently has no fewer than 36 open positions in the Google X car division.

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If you’re looking for a position with the self-driving cars, though, it’s likely you’ll need an engineering degree. The current positions up for grabs include those related to motion control, displays, robotics, and sensors. There are also a few managerial positions listed, which would allow you to have a hand in daily operations, materials, and marketing.

The job listings aren’t just the opportunity for some individuals to get into one of the hottest areas in the automotive industry right now—they also give the public some insight into the Google X car’s direction.

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“The self-driving car project aims to improve people’s lives by transforming mobility and making it easier and safer for everyone to get around, regardless of their ability to drive,” begins the introduction for many of the listed jobs. “So far, we’ve self-driven over one million miles and are currently out on the streets of Mountain View, California and Austin, Texas.”

So if you want a job that is doing some pretty ground-breaking work—while also getting some of the major perks that Google offers its employees—then you should definitely consider applying to the company’s openings.

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