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Mitsubishi/Fiat Pickup Should Be Based on GR-HEV Concept

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GR-HEV Concept

GR-HEV Concept

It was announced back in September that Mitsubishi and FCA had signed a MoU to work together on a new pickup truck platform based on the L200. The deal would serve the dual purpose of filling up production capacity at Mitsubishi’s Thailand plant while simultaneously giving Fiat the midsize pickup that it has long promised commercial customers.

Just because it’s a pickup, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to be dowdy. The folks over at CarScoops reminded us of this be reminding us of Mitsubishi’s 2013 Geneva Motor Show offering and, with any luck, the true inspiration for the eventual Mitsubishi/Fiat L200: the GR-HEV Concept.

GR-HEV Concept

Now, it’s a fair bet that the eventual production model wouldn’t utilize the same hybrid diesel tech displayed in the GR-HEV Concept, but it could be offered with Mitsubishi’s Super All Wheel Control.

That’s all well and good, but we’re thinking that, moreover, the eventual L200 could really stand to borrow more from the look of the GR-HEV Concept.

Pickup trucks, perhaps more than any other segment, have their own distinct flavors. Even the uninitiated can spot an F-150 from a Frontier from a Silverado from a Tundra. A truck based on the GR-HEV Concept would stand apart, which is nice even if it’s a truck almost specifically geared toward commercial use.

We would urge the folks at Mitsubishi and FCA to be bold with this pickup truck. Do something different, and you might wind up being glad that you did.

GR-HEV Concept

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