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Grandmaster Flash’s Custom Dodge Charger Stolen in Case of Mistaken Identity

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Grandmaster Flash

Grandmaster Flash’s custom 2014 Dodge Charger was stolen after a parking attendant gave it to someone who resembled the DJ
Photo: Facebook

The tables turned on turntable legend Grandmaster Flash recently. Though Flash is considered one of the most recognizable figures in New York City’s hip-hop scene, his custom 2014 Dodge Charger, which is known as “The Ghost” due to its white exterior, was recently stolen in a case of mistaken identity—and a whole lot of stupidity.

According to the DJ’s Instagram account, he left his car at a parking lot on West 23rd in New York City, while going to get his laptop repaired. Two hours later upon his return to pickup his car, the parking lot attendant claimed that the ride was gone.

For some people the Whip is a Luxury and to most it’s a Necessity — So if the Public Garage is not safe then somebody tell me WHERE

Posted by Grandmaster Flash on Friday, July 24, 2015

It turns out there was someone who resembled Flash, claiming that the muscle car was his. And this is where the stupidity comes into play. Without the valet ticket or any identification, the parking attendant let the suspect take the 2014 Charger.

The car wasn’t the only thing stolen. According to Grandmaster Flash, the trunk had a variety of music equipment and three crates filled with precious vinyl. Flash himself even referred to the records as “priceless” in a Facebook post.

According to ABC News, the attendant who gave away Flash’s car has been terminated. The car and the vinyl have yet to be returned. Since then, the DJ has taken to Instagram, requesting help from his fans. Here are a few of his Instagram posts concerning the theft:

Flash Instagram 1

The DJ seemed relatively calm at first…
Photo: Instagram


Flash Instagram 2

And continued the story, encouraging his fans to call the garage attendants to ask them what happened
Photo: Instagram

Flash Instagram 3

Grandmaster Flash continued to ask his family, friends, and fans to help him out
Photo: Instagram

Flash Instagram 4

And finally, his frustration and anger with the entire situation finally start to show
Photo: Instagram