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Grocery Store Commercial Juices Up V8 Tractor for Joy Ride

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Edeka Commercial Farmer George Tractor

Edeka’s newest commercial features Farmer George and his badass tractor

When you’re shopping at a grocery store, it’s likely you don’t wonder how the store got its fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re in Germany and shop at an Edeka, you definitely don’t have to wonder anymore.

In a recent television commercial, Edeka showcased just how its fresh produce gets from farm to table so quickly—and it’s not what you would expect.

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The grocery store chain’s commercial showed off an amazingly kick ass 400-horsepower 1954 Ferguson tractor outfitted with a V8 engine in its most recently commercial. Behind the wheel of this beastly piece of farm machinery? Farmer George.

Video: Edeka’s Awesome Commercial

To the musical styling’s of “Heart Of Steel,” performed by Zac Bryan & The Fireboys, Farmer George loads up his tractor for what seems like an ordinary, everyday trip to deliver his goods—but it’s anything but ordinary.

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As he guns the tractor’s engine, it takes off, bursting through the barn doors and flying down the dirt road outside his farm. There are a few moments of slow-motion action, bouncing apples, the occasional near misses with bicyclists, and our favorite part—a sudden stop for a hedgehog in the road, followed by a sweet wheelie.

Eventually, he drops his bushel of apples off at the grocery store, just in time for the newest wave of apple-lovers.

This great commercial begs the question: Why aren’t all grocery stores this cool?

News Source: Jalopnik