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Grupo Gallegos Heads New Mitsubishi Ad Campaign

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Grupo Gallegos heads new Mitsubishi ad campaign

Grupo Gallegos heads new Mitsubishi ad campaign

Mitsubishi and independent ad agency Grupo Gallegos have teamed up to create a national advertising campaign that will specifically target US Hispanic customers. The multimedia campaign will cover television, print, and digital formats through March 2015 and marks the first time in more than a decade that Mitsubishi Motors North America has launched advertising specifically at its Hispanic customer base.

Mitsubishi and Grupo Gallegos—who have headed Hispanic-focused campaigns for brands such as Comcast, Clorox, and Toshiba—previously worked together on a small-scale advertising campaign geared toward US Hispanics living in Miami, Florida.

“We are thrilled that when Mitsubishi Motors decided to increase their focus on the Hispanic market, they returned to Grupo Gallegos for support,” said John Gallegos, CEO and founder of Grupo Gallegos. “The Hispanic population represents a huge opportunity for brands to expand their consumer-base and increase sales, a fact that Mitsubishi Motors has embraced with this new national campaign and communication focus.”

From NewsMaker:

The TV spot features footage of each of the three cars with a first-person voiceover sharing anecdotes about his family’s feedback on his car buying decision. As the bright cars zip across scenic backgrounds, he explains, “my car is my decision.” The visual then transitions to a dramatic black background with graphic text emphasizing the confidence and individuality of the consumer, ending on the Mitsubishi Motors logo.

The campaign will feature digitally at Grupo Gallegos’ Chief Creative Officer, Marty Orzio, says that the campaign will play with the MI in Mitsubishi in an effort to emphasize personalization, choice, and ownership (“mi” indicates “my” in Spanish).