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Half-Man Jon Cryer Gushes About His Chevy Volt

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Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer loves his 2015 Chevy Volt

Photo: CBS

Jon Cryer is best known for playing Alan Harper for 12 mirthless seasons of Two and a Half Men. Clearly, he feels a little guilty about that, and is doing his best to offset his sitcom’s hacky emissions by promoting eco-friendly vehicles—like the Chevy Volt.

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In a recent series of tweets, Cryer noted that the high cost of gasoline (close to $5 a gallon in California) doesn’t really bother him, because of the fact that he made millions of dollars starring in a terrible sitcom owns an electric Volt:  

Jon Cryer twitter Chevy Volt

This, of course, led to several jokes from Cryer’s twitter followers about how his sitcom character Alan used to own a Volvo and fill it with gasoline $3 at a time, and Cryer of course retweeted all of these jokes, because they were all so very funny. But Cryer was serious about his Volt-love, encouraging followers to purchase one of the 2015 models that are currently on clearance, thanks to the upcoming release of the 2016 Chevy Volt:

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Then the Pretty in Pink star recommended pairing your new Volt with a wireless charger from Plugless Power:

Cryer went to great lengths to make it clear that neither of his endorsements for the Volt or the Plugless Power unit were “sponsored” posts—he’s just a genuine fan.

We can’t say that we feel the same about Cryer’s misogynistic television show, but at least his taste in vehicles is admirably clean.

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  • JC

    I’m all for the Voit. I have the 2014 and its a great car. Plugless on the other hand is a waste of money. It nullifies almost all of your savings using an electric car and it wastes electricity lost the inefficient induction transfer. You may as well go back to a full on ICE gas guzzler. Buy a ClipperCreek (Best low cost chargers IMHO) and just plug it in every night. Its not that hard of a process. Get a retractable cord manager and hang it from the ceiling of your garage just above the charge port… And here I thought Cryer was the smart one of the 2 and 1/2…

    • Goaterguy

      Driving a new Mitsubishi Mirage will likely be cheaper than driving a Volt but it’s not always about the money. Wireless charging is a great convenience that for you is not worth the money but for some it is, that’s why they sell. Insulting the mental capacity of a person because he likes a convenient product is just stupid. Why don’t you come back when you are a multi million dollar earning TV star and can continue with the insults?

    • VFanRJ

      Several years ago I often rented the Prius it cities when I traveled. It always seemed counter intuitive to me that it didn’t have a plug (you mean I have to run the engine to charge it up?!). Plus the Prius always had flat spots in its acceleration. Go Volt!

    • Michael T. Babcock

      Now you’re just spreading FUD like the people who claim electric cars create as much pollution as gasoline burning ICE vehicles. “Plugless is ~12% less efficient than corded L2 30amp 240V charging systems and ~7% less efficient than corded Level 1 charging systems.” So if you’ve been charging with the L1 cord that is included with the car, you waste an additional 7% of your energy using plugless instead.