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Happy Fifth Anniversary to the Nissan LEAF

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2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

It’s hard to believe that the Nissan LEAF is five years old. In 2010, the first Nissan LEAF was delivered to its first customers, and the success has continued for the world’s bestselling electric car.

Since the Nissan LEAF first rolled off of the assembly line, the vehicle has been named Car of the Year in Europe and Japan, as well as World Car of the Year.  More than 90 other awards join the Car of the Year distinctions in the Nissan LEAF’s trophy case.

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Looking back over the past five years, it’s incredible to think of how the global EV market has changed since the LEAF’s launch. In 2010, owning an electric car sounded like a huge hassle, with shorter driving ranges than we have today and no infrastructure to support EVs. Now in 2015, there are EVs from almost every major automaker, ranging from compact cars, to sedans, SUVs, and luxury vehicles. Nissan and its competitors are even working together to make sure charging stations are where they need to be to make EVs more popular than ever.

As if the anniversary of the groundbreaking car wasn’t enough, Nissan is set to deliver the 200,000th Nissan LEAF in January. The 200,000 Nissan LEAF cars produced have helped keep over 328,000 tons of carbon dioxide out of the air, and LEAF owners just drove past the 1.2 billion-mile mark of accumulated miles. That number might seem random in America, but to the rest of the world, that’s two billion kilometers.

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Nissan is continuing to look to the future, releasing the new 2016 Nissan LEAF in the US last month. The Nissan IDS, a concept EV that drives itself, gives us hope that the next five years will be just as good as the previous ones.