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Hate Traffic Jams? Blame the Economy

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Congestion is increasing as the economy improves, according to a recent Texas A&M study

There are few things worse than traffic. Whether you’re on your way to work or heading out on a road trip, seeing an endless line of red taillights in front of you always causes a sinking feeling. Lately, you might even think you’ve been stuck in traffic longer than usual—and you would be right.

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According to a recent study from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and INRIX Inc., American drivers are stuck in traffic an estimated 5% more than they were during the recent recession. The study found that congestion increased in 61 of the nation’s 101 largest cities from 2012 to 2013; it also increased in 95 out of 101 cities from 2013 to 2014, as the economy continued to improve.

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The report concludes that this boost in traffic is due to an increase in employment and a decrease in gas prices. More people are driving to work every day because they now have jobs, increasing the number of drivers out on the road and the congestion you run into whenever you’re on your way to work.

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Cities that have faster growing economies and significant job growth are the places most commonly plagued by traffic. For instance, commuters in Washington, DC lose an average of 82 hours a year in rush hour traffic. Other cities with significant rush-hour times include Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

If you find yourself frustrated with your city’s seemingly unending traffic jams, make sure you remember to relax—traffic is actually a good thing.

News Source: Yahoo!