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Hear How the 2015 Mustang Sounds with a Fancy Ringtone

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Mustang Sounds

For every bit of effort put into making the 2015 Mustang look good, as much consideration was poured into how the Mustang sounds.

It’s not uncommon for a gearhead to liken the sound of a powerful engine revving to the music of some great troubadour. Apparently it is the job of Shawn Carney—who is the powertrain noise, vibration, and harshness engineer for the 2015 Mustang—to make sure that the sixth-gen Mustang sounds exactly the way drivers would expect it to sound.

“In addition to the usual suspects you expect to hear inside the car, like the engine and exhaust, the body structure can become an incremental source of unwanted noise,” Carney told Mustang in a rather enlightening press release. “Body panels can act like speakers, amplifying vibration and sound inputs from the road, powertrain and wind.

“The Mustang engineering team – from studio, chassis, body, powertrain, dynamics, NVH and aerodynamics – collaborated to create an improved platform that attenuates many of the noises drivers don’t want to hear,” he added.

Every aspect of the new Mustang was considered for its impact on the aural experience, from the stiffness of the structure down to the shape of the cooling vents. Carney and his team benchmarked different performance cars with their own notable sounds and used their notes to determine which sound would be right for the 2015 Mustang.

While we do have a few more months to wait before we can drive the 2015 Mustang for ourselves and hear the fruits of Carney’s labors, we’ve got the next best thing for now: a 2015 Mustang GT ringtone, y’all! It’s available in either OGG or MP3 format, and it sounds mighty good. Like music to the ears.

Sure beats our “Careless Whisper” ringtone.