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Hell Hath No Fury Like Little Old Ladies

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A suspect got the surprise of his life after he jumped into a car with a 69-year-old lady in it, told her to drive, and got a fist to his face.

69-year-old Frances Mach was checking on her daughter’s home in Saratoga Springs, Utah, when a man suddenly jumped into her car and told her to drive.

Mach, apparently, was not having any of that, so she decked him.

“I just balled up my fist and I nailed his head about three or four times and told him to get out of my car,” she said.

He did. Unfortunately, he then decided to run into her daughter’s house, lock and barricade the door, and set the whole thing on fire. By the time police arrived, they were unable to pull the suspect out of the house because the upper floor was engulfed in smoke.

Eventually, after the fire department began to extinguish the fire, the police were able to extract the suspect and fly him to an area hospital to treat him for burns and smoke inhalation. Meanwhile, Mach seemed just fine and told WTVR news, “They told me his face was already starting to swell, so I must have landed him pretty good.”