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Here’s Darth Vader in a Cascada, Because Social Marketing

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Darth Vader in a Cascada

In case you might have missed it, this past May 4th was something of a national holiday—unofficially known around the world as Star Wars Day. You know, because “May the Fourth (Force) Be With You.” Get it? To be fair, you probably already knew this, and you probably very much got it because every single person on your friends list posted every single Star Wars meme they could find on May the 4th.

A philosophical question: if a tree falls in the woods and a million people don’t post a status update about it on Facebook, does it make a sound? Also, how many likes would it get?

In any case, Holden was well aware that capitalizing on trends on social media is a surefire way into the hearts of potential customers. This is why we are able to present you with this tweet featuring an image of Darth Vader driving in a Cascada. (Also, a missing apostrophe.)

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Buick and Star Wars enthusiasts take note: the Cascada is the unofficial preferred ride of the helmeted Sith Lord, a note that will likely be played upon heavily as we draw closer to both the stateside release of the Cascada and the global release of The Force Awakens. Vader is also painted behind the wheel of a Holden Colorado that appears to be stuck in rush hour traffic (question: why doesn’t he just Force-push everyone out of the way?) and taking in a movie at the drive-in (probably The Avengers: Age of Ultron) in an Astra.

Do we really need to commercialize everything to death? If Star Wars isn’t safe from over-commercialization, then nothing is sacred.

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Via: CarScoops