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Here’s Why You Don’t Mess With Your Airbags

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Image: Scott E

A car’s airbag is an extremely important piece of safety equipment. It is standard in every mainstream car produced today, and has been for decades. That is for a good reason.

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Here’s why you never, ever tamper with your car’s airbag system: turning it off or, say, replacing the car’s airbags with hidden bricks of cocaine, could result in you performing the world’s fastest and most fatal headbutt to your car’s dashboard.

This is what happened in Mexico on September 29th: drug smugglers, probably passing around witty banter like “removing that air bag was a gas” and such similar. Unfortunately for the budding punsters/drug smugglers, the car crashed into another one in the town of San Fernando in the northern border state of Tamaulipas, and, since bricks of cocaine don’t have the same cushion-like properties as a fabric bag full of air, two people died in the crash.

It is unclear how many people were in the cocaine car or in the vehicle that collided with the smuggler’s car, but at least the driver’s-side airbag on the smuggling car went off.

Unfortunately, though, two people were taken from the smuggling car and taken to the hospital, where they died of their injuries.

Afterward, federal police found 23 packages of cocaine from the car, totaling up to 55 pounds of the drug.

So remember: Never, ever take out or mess with your car’s airbags, and especially don’t replace them with 55 pounds of cocaine. It will not end well.

Seriously. Don't.

Seriously. Don’t.
Image: Scott E

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News Source: KSAT