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Hi-Tech, Robotic Racing Gets an Upgrade with Anki OVERDRIVE

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Anki Overdrive  promotional video racing robot cars

New roads are ahead for fans of Anki
Photo: Anki

Back when we first heard about Anki and its hi-tech take on slot car racing (and when we reviewed the DRIVE starter kit), we were thrilled with the potential that Anki had in this product line but knew it had more steps ahead until it reached its full potential.

Anki has been quick to take those leaps forward, introducing a replacement of the original DRIVE system with another that surpasses it in practically every way: Anki OVERDRIVE.

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Anki OVERDRIVE, a sort of “sequel” that improves upon the company’s original robotic racing system from 2013, basically combines slot car racing with video game controls. Remedying certain shortcomings of the original product, Anki OVERDRIVE claims to take digital, robotics racing to the next level. Based upon the same technology as Anki DRIVE from a couple years ago, Anki OVERDRIVE utilizes a mobile device app to control robotic race cars on a miniature track. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Unlike Anki DRIVE which was limited to one basic oval track on a large vinyl mat, though, Anki OVERDRIVE has modular track segments which can be arranged into eight different configurations–plus more if additional track expansions are purchased. Currently, the limit one track can hold is 64 pieces, based on software limitations. The cars still read the track in the same way: infrared cameras that monitor lines on the track.

Starter kits run for $150 MSRP and include 8 track segments (connected via magnets) and 2 “Supercars.”

Word is that Anki OVERDRIVE is phenomenally advanced compared to its predecessor. We at The News Wheel would sure like to try it out for ourselves…

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Anki Overdrive  starter set kit track