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Hitting the Mark: Hyundai Nails Sponsorship Deal of World Archery

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Archery target arrows championship

Hyundai takes aim at sponsoring Archery World Cup for coming years
Photo: Justin Ladia

For every sport you can conceive of, there’s a world championship for it. In the case of professional archery, it’s the annual World Archery Championships and Archery World Cup.

Continuing Hyundai’s run of sports sponsorships–including the FIFA World Cup, the NFL, college football, and the PGA–the Korean brand has struck a deal with World Archery. The three-year agreement includes title rights to the World Archery Championships and Archery World Cup, plus branding and activation partnerships around the world.

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Hyundai Archery sponsorship

This deal isn’t the first time Hyundai has sponsored archery, however, as the automaker has supported the Korea Archery Association since 1985. The company provided athletes with an array of cutting-edge equipment and scientific insight. This partnership has helped the Hyundai Mobis women’s team and Hyundai Steel men’s teams to become leaders in trending the sport in Korea. Hyundai hopes its deal with World Archery will further advocate the sport around the world.

“We are proud that Hyundai Motor Company has decided to strengthen its relationship with World Archery by investing in the future of our sport’s world-class events,” stated World Archery President Prof Dr Ugur Erdener. “We’re honoured to have the support of one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturer.”

The next Archery World Cup will take place in Shanghai, followed by Colombia in 2017 and Turkey in 2018. Past venues have included Mexico City, Paris, and Laussane.

For a sample of the level of professional archery seen in the Archery World Cup every year, check out the footage of/interview with Olympic silver medalist Aida Roman below:

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