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Hold Your Snozberries—They’re Filming Super Troopers 2

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When a crowd-funding campaign to make a sequel to the classic cop movie Super Troopers went around, a lot of people—us included—thought it was some evil prank.

Well, turns out, it isn’t.

Super Troopers

Our favorite cops are back in action (meow), according to a site called Sostre News. Steve Lemme—known as Mac Womack in the film—was spotted in Central Massachusetts, near the Quabbin Reservoir, which looks a lot like Vermont.

You might be thinking, “What does seeing Steve Lemme in Central Massachusetts have to do with the price of snozberries?”

Super Trooper Looks

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Well, Kevin Heffernan—aka Farva—just tweeted a (meow) picture of the mustached Jay Chandrasekhar with a Vermont State Police Car. Can you say return of Car Ram-Rod?

Freaking Out Super Troopers

Decked out in the tell-tale khakis normally associated with the Super Trooper uniform, it’s possible that this is a glimpse at the sequel’s behind-the-scenes action.

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With this news, it’s tough to harness our excitement. Who knows what kind of shenanigans the cast is going to get into meow.

Super Troopers Shenanigans

Hopefully, the five State Troopers can once again beat out Spurbury. Let the meowing, maple syrup chugging, and snozberry tastings commence.

Snozberries Super Trooper

News Source: Jalopnik via Sostre News

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