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Holden Astra Passes Lang Lang Proving Ground Testing with Flying Colors

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Holden Astra sedan

Scheduled to hit the market by the middle of this year, the recently-revealed Holden Astra was announced to have “graduated” from the Lang Lang proving ground, where it was being tested to ensure that it is capable of surviving driving conditions in Australia.

The Holden Astra sedan, replacing the brand’s outgoing Cruze sedan, is a truly global product: based on a German product and built in Korea, the new Astra sedan benefits not only from engineering input from Australian designers and engineers, but it receives special re-tuning from Holden Engineering’s A-Team at the world-famous proving grounds.

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“We’ve subjected Astra sedan to some really intense tuning and testing at our Lang Lang proving ground which is jam packed with challenging roads,” said Rob Trubiani, Holden’s Lead Dynamics Engineer. “We’ve focused on making the car feel comfortable whilst being great to drive and managed to accumulate over 20,000 km in the process, which wasn’t just on good roads; it was on gravel, rail roads, and rough country backroads, too. Astra has always had a really distinct fee,l and this new car is no different.”

Holden Astra sedan

Adding to the Astra’s ability to tackle Australia’s outback is re-tuned steering, dampers, and chassis controls, all of which is aimed at providing the utmost confidence and comfort.

The working objective with the Holden Astra is a concept known as “Efficient Fundamentals,” which is ostensibly a mingling of light-weighting, aerodynamics, power, and efficiency, all while ensuring a streamlined and fetching design. Trubiani says that the Astra still has some real-world testing to be done in Melbourne in the months ahead, and it should thereafter be set to be unleashed in the while.

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