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Holden Cuts Price of Astra $250-$1,700 One Month After Launch

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Holden Astra

If you have been considering purchasing the recently-launched Holden Astra but have not yet found quite the justification to pull the trigger, you now have between 250 and 1,700 extra reasons to contemplate.

Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mark Bernhard revealed on Monday at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show that the brand will cut the price of its new Astra by $250-$1,700 a mere month after its launch, reports Car Advice. Bernhard told media at the event that the move is being made after taking into account the feedback of dealers and customers alike.

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“Part of that will be a price rollback different by trim level relative to the competitive set between $250 and $1,700,” Bernhard said. “It now makes [the Astra] the most compelling vehicle in the small car segment with this pricing.”

Bernhard suggested that the addition of too many features at the base level may be hampering its sales right out of the gate, particularly with regards to the addition of side skirts.

“The one that we’ve looked at is the side skirts on the entry levels. They’re coming off, the decision has been made. You’ll save $1,700 off the vehicles with automatic transmission, that’s where the focus has been.”

Additionally, the Astra R with manual transmission will receive a $500 price cut. Manual-equipped versions of the Astra R Plus Safety Pack, Astra RS, and Astra RSV will receive $250 price cuts, and versions of those same models with automatic transmissions will see a $1,450 price drop.

If you have already purchased your Holden Astra, Bernhard confirmed that you will receive payment covering the difference between the original starting prices and the reduced prices. Win win!

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News Source: Car Advice


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