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Holden Survey Finds Aussies More Likely to Buy New Cars Around Other Significant Life Events

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2016 Holden Commodore VFII

A consumer study conducted by Holden for its “Step Up at Holden” campaign found that Australians seem to be much more likely to purchase a new vehicle if they are also bearing down on another milestone in their lives.

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According to a survey of Australians, of those not anticipating a life-altering event in the next 12 months, only about 5% are seriously contemplating purchasing a new vehicle. That pales to the percentages of Australians planning to have a child, change jobs, or buy a new home; a respective 17%, 23%, and 33% of people falling into those categories also intend to buy a new car in the next year.

This information directly influences the new “Step Up at Holden” campaign, which emphasizes choosing a vehicle that supports their upcoming life choices.

“Australians see their car as a supporting asset to their lives, so we have designed our sales and new products to ensure we cater for a range of different life stages,” said Geraldine Davys, Executive Director of Marketing, Holden. “Three times more people are looking to buy a car when intending on having a baby, so we are focused on making sure the child-friendly Trax and Captiva SUVs—both with ISOFIX child seat attachments—offer exceptional value with low drive-away prices.

Deals offered as part of the “Step Up at Holden” campaign, which runs through the end of June, include a $22,900 drive-away price for the Cruze Z-Series and Trax LS and $25,990 price point for the Astra GTC.

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