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Honda Accord is the Most-Produced Car in America in 2013

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Honda Accord Most-Produced Car in America

The Accord is the most-produced car in America.

According to new vehicle registration data compiled by Polk, the Honda Accord was the best-selling car in America among individual buyers in 2013. What’s more, the Civic, CR-V, and Odyssey were all retail sales leaders in their segments.

The Accord also earned the distinction of the most-produced car in America in 2013. There were 466,695 Accords built at the Marysville, Ohio assembly plant, which was good for a 17 percent production increase over 2012 (according to Bloomberg). Of those manufactured, 360,089 were purchased at retail, which amounts to a 12.2 percent increase in that figure.

“Our focus on retail sales to individual buyers has a direct correlation to the high resale value of Honda products, which is a key factor in the value proposition for our customers,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of automobile sales for American Honda Motor Co., Inc., in a statement. “We want to thank car buyers for making four Honda vehicles America’s top choices, purchased one car at a time.”


The Civic, CR-V, and Odyssey also led their respective segments by capturing more than 300,000 new car buyers a piece.

Honda’s overall retail sales rose 8.4 percent for a total of 1,332,576 units in 2013. More than 98 percent of Honda’s sales in America were the result of individual retail sales, which was considerably higher than the non-luxury average of 81.7 for the rest of the industry.

The Honda Accord is the most-produced car in America and the best-selling among individuals. What’s your take: is it in a class all its own, or does it take a back seat to one of its competitors?

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