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Honda, Acura Target College Graduates with Mustachioed #GradDad

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#AskGradDad Honda Grad Program

Honda’s not-at-all-creepy Grad Dad is here to guide recent college graduates into the adult world

If you’re one of those people who looks to car manufacturers for a father figure, you might want to consider Honda or Acura.

GradDad won’t teach you how to get a dimple on your tie or shave with a straight razor, but he’s currently dispensing some free advice on YouTube, through a series of videos.

A marketing campaign from Honda Financial Services promoting the Honda College Grad Program, GradDad is a fountain of sound financial advice (student loans, safe driving), as well as some advice that doesn’t come from most car companies (flossing, relationships, woodworking).

There are currently 18 brief videos on Honda’s Youtube account; if Millennials have a topic they want GradDad to weigh in on, they can solicit advice on Facebook and Twitter using the #AskGradDad hashtag.

“Young buyers live online, so it’s the most effective place to reach them,” said Petar Vucurevic, senior manager of Sales and Marketing at American Honda Finance Corporation. “Our campaign engages grads in a fun and informative way.”

Acura’s similar Look the Part campaign dispenses advice on how to bridge the gap from undergrad to employee: through more adult fashion choices, for starters – and of course, a brand new luxury vehicle that could enhance a new graduate’s image.

Both programs offer college graduates $500 to the purchase or lease of a Honda or Acura vehicle, which is probably what will interest most prospective buyers.

As always, kids don’t go running to dad for advice, but for a handout… and maybe the keys to the car.