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Honda Canada Picks Up Five Awards for Value Retention

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2017 Honda CR-V

Awards season is almost always kind to the Honda brand—and that goes double for up in Canada, our world’s nicest and most generous sovereign nation.

Honda Canada just received a total of five awards from Canadian Black Book (CBB) and ALG in recognition of overall best retained value and best residual value. The segment awards that each model received are based on vehicle quality, reliability and overall value.

“Honda has developed a strong reputation for providing dependable vehicles Canadians can count on,” said Jean Marc Leclerc, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We’re grateful to CBB and ALG for recognizing Honda as a company that delivers quality vehicles Canadians can trust.”

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The ALG’s Residual Value Awards are given to mainstream brands of vehicles that forecast to retain the highest percentage of MSRP after a four-year period. The recipients are chosen after a close evaluation of vehicle criteria, which includes segment competition, historical vehicle performance, and industry trends. There are 27 vehicle segment categories and two brand categories—Mainstream and Premium.

This year, the winner of the compact utility segment was the Honda CR-V, the top minivan was the Honda Odyssey, the best midsize car was the Honda Accord, and the award-winning subcompact was the Honda Fit.

The Canadian Black Book give out the “Best Retained Value Awards,” which recognize vehicles that retain the highest percentage of their original MSRP after a four-year period. In 2017, the Canadian Black Book analyzed vehicles from the model year 2013 in 20 different categories. This year’s winner in the minivan category was none other than the Honda Odyssey.

All five awards were presented to Honda Canada at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.

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