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Honda Civic Tourer Concept to be Revealed at 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show

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Hoda Civic Tourer Active Life conceptThe Honda Civic is many things, but it’s rarely described as “adventurous.” But for the Civic buyer who has a thirst for venturing off the beaten path, Honda is set to reveal the car that fuels dreams.

The Civic Tourer Active Life concept car will be on display at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, and the Japanese automaker has already released some photos of the vehicle online. Take a look:

Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept car


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First impressions ahead of it appearing live in the candy-colored flesh? It’s the shape of a dolphin, which means it’s both sleek and ridiculously long, as most wagons tend to be.

But it has 1668 liters of trunk space, which would be ideal for filling with roughly 1668 liters of drinking water before embarking upon a desert expedition. Or maybe with 1668 liters of hot chocolate, if you’re going on a trek through the arctic tundra—hey, it’s your journey, after all (though Honda seems to think the space is best utilized for bikes).

Honda Civic Tourer Active Life bikes

The two-toned color makes the car look fairly hip, and deservedly so. The Tourer earned its cool with unparalleled fuel efficiency, which actually netted it a Guinness world record: The vehicle averaged over 100 mpg in a drive across all 24 contiguous countries in the European Union.

Frankfurt’s hottest concept emphasizes sleekness and spaciousness for fuel-conscious customers who need tons of room for extra activities, like Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.