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Honda Civic Type R Begins Production in UK

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Civic Type R Line-Off Event

Employees at HUM pictured with the first three production Civic Type R models

This was a banner day for the employees of the Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM) facility in Swindon, UK, as the very first production models of the European Honda Civic Type R rolled off the assembly line.

Amid a “high-energy fanfare of lights and music,” the first three models arrived in red, white, and blue (for reasons of patriotism), before the British-built beauties were shipped off to dealerships across Europe.

HUM managing director Soichiro Takizawa thanked the employees for their hard work, and expressed the pride he felt at seeing the all-new Civic Type R in the metal.

2015 Honda Civic Type R

“The new Civic Type R is an imperative model for Honda, representing our racing spirit and demonstrating our commitment to innovation and passion,” Takizawa told those in attendance. “We are extremely proud to be the only manufacturer of the Civic Type R in the world. Our high standards have earned us this privilege and this is testament to the continued commitment of our Associates.”

Everything’s coming up HUM, lately: not only is the Swindon plant the exclusive manufacturer of the Type R, but it was recently announced as the global production hub for the new Civic five door model, which will be sold worldwide.

Meanwhile, across the pond, American fans of Honda collectively looked at their watches and sighed.