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Honda Civic Type R in Ohio Spotted Again [PHOTOS]

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Someone's spotted another (or the same) Honda Civic Type R in Ohio

Someone’s spotted another (well, probably the same) Honda Civic Type R in Ohio!

Sometimes, it feels a little tough being based in Ohio, the state that The News Wheel calls home. It’s been 25 years since any of our five major league sports franchises have won a championship, our past glories are used to mock us, and we’ve been unfairly saddled with more Clevelands per capita than any other state.

But there is some upside: not only does Ohio have the cheapest used car prices (and famous used car salesmen) in the country, it has more Honda Civic Type Rs than (probably) any state in America! In fact, since the Civic Type R hasn’t even gone on sale in Europe yet, Ohio has more Honda Civic Type Rs than most places in the world

Caddyshack got that goin for us

We already told you about the camouflaged Type R that was photographed in Marysville yesterday, but now we have two more photos of (most likely the same) Honda Civic Type R in Ohio, and they’re actually better quality to boot.

The pics were posted to an online forum and are now gaining some traction on reddit. Take a look:

Spotted: Honda Civic Type R in Ohio

Spotted: Honda Civic Type R in Ohio

So, is it time to break out the celebratory champagne and Ron Paul gifs?

Its Happening

Not quite. Just because the Japanese automaker is testing out a Honda Civic Type R in Ohio doesn’t mean an American Civic Type R is in the works. But it also doesn’t mean one isn’t in the works. Basically, we still don’t know if rumors that the Civic Type R is coming to America are true, but these photos can at least fuel the endless speculation.

And, you know, make Ohioans feel a little better about themselves.

UPDATE: There are some conflicting reports now which claim these photos were actually taken in Sweden, where the Type R is also being tested. However, at the very least, this photo is confirmed to have been taken in Marysville.

Photo Source: Generation X Civic Forum