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Honda Debuts Stop-Motion “Paper” Ad During NFL Sunday on CBS

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Honda car commercial Paper features 2016 Honda Pilot

A 2016 Honda Pilot is victimized by the Kraken in a new commercial

Yesterday afternoon, football fans watching NFL Sunday on CBS were treated to a variety of different highlights, depending on their respective television market—Johnny Manziel getting his first win, Philip Rivers surpassing Dan Fouts’  franchise record for most touchdown passes, and Cam Newton pulling off a really sick flip into the endzone, just to name a few.

Regardless of location, though, all viewers had the privilege of seeing an ambitious new Honda ad debut during their game—unless of course they ran to the bathroom or the fridge during the commercial break, in which case, they should just watch it now:

Entitled “Paper,” the short film stuffs thousands of hand-drawn and -colored illustrations and months of work into a two-minute car commercial built around the simple concept of flipping papers.

The ad does a good job highlighting Honda’s history, both automotive and otherwise, while also featuring current products like the HondaJet, Acura NSX, and the 2016 Pilot (before it’s disassembled by a sea monster, that is). It’s very similar to the Japanese automaker’s European television spot, “Honda Ignition,” which took a similarly creative approach to showcasing the brand’s diversity of products.

Ad Break: Watch Honda’s impressive “Ignition” ad for European markets

“The goal is for the marketing itself to become a demonstration of Honda thinking and all the people that touch our wide range of products along the way,” said Honda marketing exec Tom Peyton. “This commercial stands for the courage and conviction to imagine and make dreams a reality and speaks to Honda’s innovative nature and respect for personal achievement and contributions.”

“Paper” was directed by Academy Award-nominated stop motion animator PES, whose “Fresh Guacamole” holds the record for shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar. The artist sheds some light on the car commercial’s creation in this brief behind-the-scenes video:

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Honda says the two-minute spot will air on network television and, on September 26th, on ESPN during Saturday College Football (so go set your DVR now!) A 60-second version of the ad will run throughout October on NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC.