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Honda Engines, Fit for Land, in Ship-Shape for Sea

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Honda BF100

We all know there’s a clamoring contingent of Honda Fit fans who are dedicated to their engine.

“Say,” they tell each other during their many meet-and-greets at which the subject invariably arises, “I wonder whether there’s a way to take the top-grade technology that powers my road warrior of a hatchback, and harness that for maritime excursions.”

Well now, Fit fanatics, you can have it all.

The same engine technology utilized in land-lubbers like the Fit, Accord, Civic and other Honda models is taking to the water.

The new BF100 horsepower 4-stroke engine, according to the Japanese automaker, is the most powerful outboard engine now available as part of the Honda Marine mid-range engine lineup. It’s a high-performance engine that, at 366 pounds, weighs the same as some of the most powerful engines on NFL defensive lines – but it’s sleeker and costs less to acquire and feed.

“The new Honda BF100 marine engine is an important—and now, the most powerful— addition to our mid-range marine engines lineup, demonstrating our commitment to unparalleled performance, power and fuel efficiency,” said Mark DiPietro, senior manager, Honda Marine. “Our newest outboard model provides boaters more power from initial blast to top-end speed, with lighter weight and greater fuel efficiency than has ever been achieved in a mid-sized profile.”

All of this adds up to more time on the water – as long you can leave your Fit in the ocean-side parking lot without overwhelming symptoms of withdrawal.