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Honda Funds Solar Energy With $50 Million Pledge

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The Japanaese Automaker Has Expanded Its Partnership With Clean Energy Company SolarCity

Honda Funds Solar Energy

The Honda Solar Smart Home, one of the ways in which Honda funds solar energy

Today Honda announced at the South by Southwest Eco festival in Austin, Texas that the company is expanding its work with SolarCity by funding $50 million in solar projects. The money will go towards providing select Honda dealerships and the homes of participating Honda and Acura customers with solar-panels, which will provide cheaper and cleaner energy.

This commitment is a follow-up to the $65 million that Honda and SolarCity spent in 2013, which, according to Honda, created enough solar capacity to offset “more than 400 million pounds of CO2 over a 30-year lifecycle.”

This new infusion of cash will cover both equipment and installation costs for the Honda and Acura drivers who make the switch to solar. No down payment is required from customers, who are able to get a 3-kW system for just $25 a month. Those who are interested in making their houses look more like the Honda Solar Smart Home in Davis, California (pictured above) should go to the Honda SolarCity website to find out more.

Honda Funds Solar Energy

Pictured: The sun (…is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace, where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees!)

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“The first phase of this partnership has proven that Honda drivers have a high affinity for solar power, while owners of solar-powered homes have a high affinity for Honda products,” said Steven Center, Vice President of the Environmental Business Development Office of American Honda, in a statement. “As we look toward a future in which renewable energy will be an increasingly pervasive fuel source for personal mobility products, we are excited about capitalizing on the technological, environmental and market opportunities available through partnerships of this nature.”

SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive added, “Our partnership with Honda is creating local jobs and helping to address air pollution, water pollution and climate change. Honda’s commitment is making a difference for the economy and the environment.”

The partnership is part of Honda’s “Blue Skies for our Children” initiative, which has led the company to develop and advance technologies ranging from electric vehicles to wind-powered manufacturing plants in pursuit of its vision of a zero-carbon future.

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