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Honda Installing 120 EV Chargers at Torrance, California HQ

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Honda is installing 120 EV chargers at the Torrance, CA headquarters of American Honda.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. announced today that the company will be installing 120 new electric vehicle (EV) chargers on its Torrance, California, headquarter campus, including a publicly accessible 50kW DC fast charger for I-405 and I-110 freeway drivers.

The chargers are meant to encourage Honda employees to use more alternative fuel vehicles, and are also helping the company prepare for a new generation of plug-in vehicles slated to arrive in 2018. The Japanese automaker says that the chargers will be installed in two phases, the first of which has already begun, and which should ultimately enable hundreds of Honda employees to make an EV their daily driver.

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The fee-based 50kW DC fast charger will be installed adjacent to the campus on Harpers Way, where Torrance residents will be able to quickly recharge compatible EVs. Honda says the DC fast charger will support both the CHAdeMO and SAE Combo standards, and should open in early 2016.

“Making workplace charging ubiquitous and accessible is the cornerstone of an effective public charging strategy that supports the maximum number of vehicles,” said Steven Center, vice president of Honda’s Environmental Business Development Office and Product Regulatory Office.  “This expansion will make commuting in an EV a convenient option for the vast majority of Honda associates in Torrance, including those without access to charging at their homes or apartment buildings.”

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The new chargers were partially funded by a California Energy Commission (CEC) grant, and Honda is coinciding its announcement with its participation in the California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative’s “Drive the Dream 2015” event, which is meant to encourage businesses in the state to install workplace charging.

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