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Honda Launches Awesome Retro EV Sports Coupe in Tokyo

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Honda Sports EV Concept

Honda has figured out that if you want to make the future appealing, you need to make it look like the past. That’s certainly the vibe we got from the Urban EV Concept it unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, a feeling that was reinforced yesterday by the more recent reveal of the Sports EV Concept at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show—a coupe that blends old-fashioned style with artificial intelligence and an all-electric powertrain.

The coupe looks phenomenal—so much so that the internet is already clamoring for Honda to actually make the car so they can throw their hard-earned money at it. Unfortunately, unlike with the Urban EV Concept, Honda hasn’t said when or even if the Sports EV might go into production. If would be a real shame if it never did, as the concept represents a large part of what EVs really need to earn truly mass-market appeal: proper good looks.

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It’s the formula Tesla operated under when it got started, back when just about every electrified vehicle that existed looked like a designer’s worst nightmare. Studies have shown that a car’s styling is the most important factor in whether a potential customer will purchase it. If you make an EV that doesn’t look abnormal—or better yet, that looks absolutely great like the Sports EV Concept—you can bet people will flock to it.

Though it may be the coolest, the Sports EV Concept is far from being the only vehicle Honda brought to the Tokyo Motor Show. Head over to their official website, linked below, to see more.

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News Source: Honda Worldwide