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Honda Plans Hybrid Revival in U.S. Market

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Honda plans hybrid revival via the Accord.

The fight to become the most prominent brand name in the hybrid segment has Honda overhauling their gasoline-electric lineup, starting with the Accord Hybrid. This revival seeks to usurp Toyota and Ford, who are both currently outranking the Japanese automaker in hybrid sales.

With the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid going on sale October 31, Honda is hoping to start a revolution for their company. The Accord Hybrid, which is estimated at 50 miles per gallon city, will have a base price similar to the V6 version of the gasoline powered Accord.

“Accord is a great place for us to stop the science experiments and really make a name for our hybrids,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of Honda’s U.S. branch. “We’re known for fuel economy, but in hybrids, it’s about relevance and volume. We think Accord can do that.”

Though Honda was the first carmaker to introduce hybrid vehicles to the U.S., they have currently sold only a fraction of Toyota Prius sales. Honda’s current models include the Insight hatchback, CR-Z coupe, and a hybrid Civic.