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Honda Profiles Accomplished Civic Drivers in “Greatness is Within Reach” Videos

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The 2016 Honda Civic Sedan parked in front of Chicago's Dark Matter Coffee in the new "Greatness is Within Reach" video

What does a hipster coffee shop owner in Chicago have in common with an accomplished ballet dancer in Austin? Why, impeccable taste in compact cars, of course (and, Honda presumably hopes, the ability to appeal to millennial shoppers).

The Japanese automaker is promoting its redesigned, tenth-generation 2016 Honda Civic with two new videos that showcase the cool young urbanites who drive it. Entitled “Greatness is Within Reach,” the ads highlight not only the vehicle, but also the success stories of the people behind the wheel—beginning with Jesse Diaz, the owner of Dark Matter Coffee in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village.

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Though Diaz founded his coffee shop with just $2,000, he now has enough money to be out there buying brand new Civics (or maybe he’s just leasing, I don’t know). There’s also a shot of Jesse loading a bag of coffee beans into the trunk, which should assuage the fears of aspiring coffee shop entrepreneurs that would like to own a Civic, but aren’t sure if the vehicle has enough cargo room to hold all of their beans/dreams.

The second ad features Karina Gonzalez, who holds the distinction of being the first Hispanic Houston Ballet principal. Take a look:

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Karina has been honing her craft since she was just seven years old, coming to the US when she was 18 to fulfill her dreams. Her advice to younger students is to believe in oneself, adding that, “you can never be perfect, but you can be excellent.”

Uh, you can’t be perfect? Sorry Karina, but the Hispanic Motor Press Award-winning Civic begs to differ.

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