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Honda Releases First Two Ads for 2016 Honda HR-V

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2016 Honda HR-V commercial

Anthony Davis’ girlfriend stars in a new ad for the HR-V

Honda has just released two new ads for the all-new 2016 Honda HR-V crossover SUV, and one of them is actually pretty decent.

But not this first one:

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The weak link here is called “Give and Take.” For nearly sixty seconds, Honda basically just plays with the silly effects on a Macbook’s Photo Booth app, stretching and contorting the faces of a few unfortunate actors. Afterwards, the reassuring voice of Wonder Years child star Fred Savage ponders, “What if you could find that sweet spot—where everything is just the way you want it?”

Savage then introduces the 2016 HR-V as the crossover “that gets it all right,” implying that other vehicles in the segment have unibrows.

The second minute-length ad, entitled “Great Thinking Inside,” is much more satisfying:

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Set to the tune of Sammy Davis Jr.’s classic “Gonna Build a Mountain,” the commercial shows Honda vehicles including the Prelude, del Sol, and Element, being swallowed up whole by successive models like Russian nesting dolls.

“The versatility, sleek design and advanced technology of the all-new HR-V Crossover provides a multi-dimensional element that will appeal to a variety of people,” said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of American Honda Motor Company’s Honda Division.

“The vehicles in ‘Great Thinking Inside’ are iconic Honda models that demonstrate our evolution of thinking, while ‘Give and Take’ illustrates our dedication to innovations, and we’re proud to continue this track record with the all-new HR-V.”