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Honda Reteams with Stop-Motion Master PES for 2017 Ridgeline Commercial

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Honda Launches Marketing Campaign for the All-New 2017 Ridgeline

Remember “Paper,” the epic (well, as far as commercials are concerned) and award-winning two-minute Honda ad that illustrated the history of the Japanese automaker using stop-motion animation?

Well, Honda has reteamed with PES, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind “Paper,” to create another awesome and ambitious television spot, this time for the all-new 2017 Ridgeline pickup truck.

Be sure to stick with this ad, entitled “The Power of Ridgeline,” until the big reveal at the end:

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The one-minute television spot combines in-camera choreographed long-exposure and stop-motion effects, and will make its official debut during the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

This is not the first high-profile commercial to star the new Ridgeline, which debuted to much of the public during Super Bowl 50, when it starred in the Queen-inspired “Somebody to Love” ad. And last month, Honda launched a Spanish-language marketing campaign for the Ridgeline which targets Hispanic pickup truck drivers.

“A one-of-a-kind truck like the all-new Ridgeline deserves an innovative marketing campaign to communicate how this truck stands out among its competition,” said Susie Rossick, the Assistant Vice President of Marketing at American Honda Motor Co. “Our new campaign celebrates how Ridgeline defies convention whether used for recreation or work, to show consumers what sets it apart from the rest.”

In addition to the new ad, Honda will be posting four stop-motion videos promoting the Ridgeline in mid-August. The company has also partnered with the DIY enthusiast site “Wood Whisperer” to create “Saturday Projects” set in the back of the Ridgeline, which will show off the truck’s in-bed trunk and AC outlet, among other features.

The Ridgeline will also star in six “Features Not Standards” videos, which will be featured on, the website created by Mythbusters star Adam Savage. Each video will feature a different custom build that highlights the pickup’s special features.

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