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Honda Ridgeline Drops the Mic (er, Toolbox) on Silverado and F-150

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2017 Honda Ridgeline toolbox test shows its composite bed is better than the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado

“I threw it ON THE GROUND!”

Lately, Chevy has been hitting Ford hard over the F-150’s aluminum pickup truck bed, arguing that it’s demonstrably weaker than the Silverado’s own bed of high-strength steel (never mind that Chevy will eventually start incorporating lightweight aluminum into its own truck designs…). To prove the point, Chevy has created advertisements that compare how the two respective truck beds hold up in “real world” conditions.

Those real-world conditions are, primarily, 1) dropping a bunch of concrete blocks on them, and then 2) dropping an empty toolbox on them:

In both cases, Chevy showed that there were far fewer dents and punctures in the Silverado’s bed than there were in the F-150’s.

Then out of nowhere, Honda said, in effect, “Hey losers, quit arguing about which of your two candy-ass trucks is weakest on landscaping blocks, and just shut up and watch our 2017 Ridgeline’s composite bed survive 800 pounds of falling concrete with barely a scratch.”

I mean, that’s not an exact quote, but that was essentially the subtext of this video:

Then a few haters complained that Honda hadn’t subjected the Ridgeline to the stringent “empty toolbox test.”

Honda’s response? “Bitch, please.”

“As you can see, very minor if hardly any damage to the truck,” the man in the video says after the demonstration. “Actually, probably a little bit more damage on the toolbox.”

Did you see that, Ford and Chevy? The Ridgeline just KO’d an empty toolbox—the same empty toolbox that dented the Silverado and straight up made a hole in the F-150.

And this commercial doesn’t even mention the best part about the 2017 Honda Ridgeline’s pickup bed: it plays Queen music!

So Ford and Chevy, why don’t you go finish your catfight in the little girls’ room. Honda’s gonna keep tailgating with the big boys.Next-Article-Button

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