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Honda S660 Gets Green Light for Production

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Honda S660

Honda S660 Concept – Photo by Morio

At last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Honda unveiled the kind of car that, as a kid, would have made you wonder in awe—that ultra-cool, special car about which you can barely contain your excitement. “Wow, this is the future!” We know we used to feel that way about concept cars. Except that we didn’t understand they were concept cars until we grew up, and eventually came to the sad realization that most of the really cool show cars would never see production.

The new Honda S660 makes us feel like kids again. It was shown off at last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon and has now been given the production green light. It’s a sexy-looking thing, with lovely curves, subtle angles, and just the right amount of forward lean.

The concept model featured a turbocharged 660 cc engine with only 67 horsepower and a CVT gearbox. That doesn’t seem like a lot, and it isn’t—but given that it weighed less than 1,900 pounds, it wouldn’t take too much additional power to make the car a whole lot of fun.

Hybrid sports cars are on the rise, and an American import of the Honda S660 would likely get a beefier engine. Just picture it: an electric motor at the front, a turbo at the back, and less than 2,000 pounds, driver included? How could anyone say no to that?