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Honda Teams With Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics to Study Artificial Intelligence

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The Honda NeuV is an electric automated mini-vehicle concept equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI) "emotion engine" and automated personal assistant, which can create new possibilities for human interaction and new value for customers.

The Honda NeuV concept, an EV with an artificial intelligence (AI) “emotion engine”

The Honda Research Institute Japan Company, a subsidiary of Honda R&D, announced today that it has teamed up with the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University this month to conduct joint research in the field of artificial intelligence.

Honda says its goal is to develop “AI that collaborates with people.” That means creating an artificial intelligence that is able to understand and relate to the emotions of people, can accommodate and grow together with people, and is capable of expanding the potential of people who play the leading role.

In order to make that dream a reality, HRI-JP began conducting joint research with the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology at the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University. Professor Takatsune Kumada, an expert in psychoinformatics, and Professor Hisashi Kashima, the department head, will work together “to establish a concept under which AI that collaborates with people will be broadly accepted and utilized in society,” says Honda.

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“We have high expectations for Honda’s creativity and technological strengths as well as HRI’s research and development capability,” Kumada said. “Creating a new concept of AI and presenting it to our society is also a very attractive challenge for us in the world of academia. Moreover, we would like to explore new ways of collaboration between industry and academia through this project.”

Hiroshi Tsujino, the President and CEO of HRI-JP, added, “HRI has a long history of conducting joint research with the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology at Graduate School of Kyoto University, which has top-class researchers in a range of areas that include discovering how human beings process information, theory establishment and intelligent information processing. Through this new project we have just begun, we would like to continue proposing new AI research.”

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