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Honda Unveils NSX-Inspired Marine Engine Concept in Miami

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Honda Marine Design Concept Engine

Honda Marine introduced a new concept engine at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show; one that took inspiration from products across Honda’s lineup—including its automotive, marine, and aeronautical divisions—to provide a glimpse into what the future of marine engines could look like.

“The Honda Marine Design Concept Engine is a clear indicator that Honda is committed to the Marine business, continuing its legacy of innovation and groundbreaking marine products with a vision of what future Honda Marine power could be,” said Will Walton, Assistant Vice President of Honda Marine.

Designers at Honda’s Advanced Design Group drew on influences from many different Honda products, from current marine outboard motors to the Acura NSX Supercar and the lightweight HondaJet.

“The inspiration for the design of this engine was driven by the feeling you get when at the helm of a powerful boat on the water—the rush of excitement, the exhilaration and freedom, the feeling that hits you immediately with the boat at full throttle and the water and air around you,” said Walton.

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The concept engine they ended up creating was notably taller than conventional marine engines, and a design that provides a slimmer, more vertical appearance to the finished product.

A sculpted center channel inlaid with a honeycomb mesh trim improve the engine’s aerodynamics, while the heat ducts feature an interwoven design with black honeycomb mesh inspired by the Acura NSX supercar’s air intakes.

The striking floating winged blade, also inspired by the NSX Supercar, is a result of angled surfacing and an overlapping form, which downplays the largeness of the engine for a sleeker look.

The cool Nouvelle Blue Pearl color of the design concept engine is also cribbed from the NSX.

Honda says that there are currently no production plans for the Honda Marine engine design concept, but that it is meant to speak to the innovation and opportunity in multiple marine engine markets.

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