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Honda Wind Turbines in Ohio Outproducing Expectations

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The Transmission Mfg. of America plant in Russells Point, Ohio

The Transmission Mfg. of America plant in Russells Point, Ohio


As part of Honda’s continuing voluntary efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its own products and manufacturing by 2020, the company installed two wind turbines at the Honda Transmissions Manufacturing of America plant in Russells Point, Ohio at the beginning of this year. Halfway through 2014, both turbines have already performed above and beyond what Honda initially anticipated.

Both turbines are 260 feet tall and have three 160-foot long blades, and were originally expected to produce roughly 10,000 megawatt hours (MWH) of electricity annually, which would meet 10 percent of the plant’s yearly needs. After only six months, the wind turbine energy output has exceeded expectations by 6.3 percent, and at their highest output, provided 16.26 percent of the plant’s required electricity in April.

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Installation of the wind turbines occurred in January 2014.

Installation of the wind turbines occurred in January 2014.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of the wind turbines’ production over their first six months,” said Gary Hand, the Vice President of Honda Transmission Mfg. of America. “The turbines’ operation has exceeded the projections established during the project development.”

Tyler Juhl, the vice president of the company that developed and installed the turbines, Juhl Energy, commented that, “We are pleased to observe the performance of the two on-site wind turbines are achieving results over and above what Honda had anticipated. From the outset, we were confident that the site location selected would allow the GE turbines to produce a significant amount of the facility’s energy requirements.”

Honda’s goal for 2020 is to see the CO2 emissions of Honda products decrease from their 2000 levels by 30 percent, along with significant CO2 reductions from the auto manufacturer’s plants and other operations.

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