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Honda’s EXCITING H DESIGN!!! Language Explained

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Honda Exciting H Design language explained

Back in 2013, Honda released its highly-anticipated third generation of the Honda Jazz–what we know in America as the Fit. What you may not realize is that at the same time, Honda used that opportunity to unveil its EXCITING H DESIGN!!! language, which was employed in the updated design of the subcompact city car. Since then, this design philosophy has affected all of the brand’s automobiles around the globe.

Intended to build a stronger global presence and unique character in its models, Honda’s EXCITING H DESIGN!!! may merely sound like overly-excited Japanese advertising, but it actually has deliberate thought behind it.

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What Is Honda’s EXCITING H DESIGN!!! All About?

Those new Honda models at your local dealership and on display at national auto shows have all been influenced by the automaker’s EXCITING H DESIGN!!! approach, which was launched back in 2013. The philosophy, affecting both the interior and exterior of Honda’s vehicles, strives to make the company’s products more…well, exciting.

Honda Solid Wing Face Identity Design explainedThose three exclamation points aren’t just arbitrary enthusiasm, either. Each one has a special meaning: High Tech, the brand’s innovative spirit; High Tension, the brand’s pursuit of beauty in its designs; and High Touch, the brand’s mastery of surfacing and textures.

This affects the exterior model designs by employing the “Solid Wing Face” design identity, framing the “H” badge in a single swooping front grille. The “Athlete Form” proportions and “Dramatic Surfacing” form also guide the exterior’s creation. Inside, “Advanced Interface” adopts the latest technology, “Personal Cockpit” ensures the driver is the focus behind the wheel, and “Craftsmanship” strives to use precise textures in cabin construction.

Now that you know the approach behind how Honda styles its vehicles, perhaps the conservative Japanese automaker won’t seem so conservative anymore.

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