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Hot Chip Song “Momentum” Perfect for Commuting: Ford, NYU, Spotify Study

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Ford Fiesta B&O Play interface

Ever heard of Hot Chip? No, not like a Mikesell’s Good’n Hot. No, not like the English term for French fries—though you’re getting warmer (or hotter, like aforesaid chip). Hot Chip is an English “indietronica” band, and their new track—“Momentum”—is the kind of tune that a recent study conducted by Ford, Spotify, and New York University found to be perfect for perking up on morning commutes.

There’s a good reason for this. Hot Chip member (Hot Chipper?) Joe Goddard reached out to NYU cognitive neuroscientist Amy Belfi (who, contrary to what you might initially believe, did not coin the term for a selfie of one’s own butt) to create a song perfect for driving. Belfi was the expert tapped by Ford to conduct a study on the effects of music on mood during a commute; she revealed that the right songs can help provide a boost in demeanor for upwards of two hour.

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Amy Belfi Joe Goddard

“I was inspired to create a gentle disco piece that’s quietly optimistic in mood rather than full-on euphoric,” said Goddard. “I started thinking of times I’ve been driving home late from DJing gigs all over the UK listening to music in the car when there are no interruptions and you can really crank the system up—that’s when I’ve had some of my best musical experiences ever. I wanted to make the track quite free and give that sense of collective energy that can make an audience lose its mind when you get it right.”

“Momentum” is available as part of “Science of Sound,” Ford’s Spotify playlist of songs ideal for improving the mood on your next drive to work. Ford notes that Mat.Joe and NAO will also be developing songs for the project that will play upon Belfi’s findings.

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