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How Many of Tim McGraw’s Songs Mention GM Vehicles?

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It’s official: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have released their first ever duet album: The Rest of Our Lives (our hearts are melting, it’s fine). There’s no way we could let this day pass without a mini celebration. Tim has clearly been a car and truck enthusiast for much of his music career, mentioning brands throughout his songs – he even has a song called “Truck Yeah” (probably the most country song you’ll ever hear, but that’s beside the point).

We decided to take a look back on some of Tim McGraw’s past albums and songs and see just how many General Motors (GM) brands and vehicles he’s referenced in his lyrics.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw being adorable, ladies and gentlemen

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In “Renegade,” a 1995 on his third album, Tim McGraw mentions that he owns a Chevy. Considering he’s been referencing GM from the beginning of his career, it’s clear that Tim’s love for Chevy runs deep. Only one question remains: if he’s driving a Chevy truck, is it the Silverado or the Colorado?


“Somebody Must Be Prayin’ for Me”

A more sensitive song, “Somebody Must Be Prayin’ for Me,” the first verse tells the story of a woman on a journey, running into all sorts of trouble, but finding solace on her way and believing someone is praying for her. The woman is leaving her small town in Oklahoma in a beat-up Cadillac Coupe DeVille.


“Grown Men Don’t Cry”

“Grown Men Don’t Cry” is Tim McGraw’s way of describing the stereotypes and the pressures put on men not to cry. He tells a story in the first verse about a little boy and his mom in a store, both of them struggling and living out of a car. Tim wanted desperately to walk up to them and tell them it was going to be okay, but because of his emotions, he”got in [his] Suburban and [he] drove away.”


“I Need You”

Of course, this track actually features Faith Hill, making it even better for this lineup. “I Need You” is exactly what it sounds like – Tim and Faith saying they need each other. It’s a heartfelt and endearing song, especially when it’s coming from a couple that’s been married for more than 20 years. In the first verse, Tim mentions driving across West Virginia in a Cadillac, known as the go-to luxury American car brand.


“It’s My Business Doing Pleasure With You”

This 2007 track was released on Tim McGraw’s album, Southern Voice, and it has a bit more edge to it. The song starts off by Tim listing all of the things he’s been buying for his significant other, from diamonds and purses to new rims for her. The song serves as a metaphor, saying being in a relationship with this woman is like a business — he’s constantly spending money.


“Nashville Without You”

Tim McGraw uses this song to describe what Nashville, Tennessee would be like without the woman he loves. There would be all of the same streets, but none of the same charm or dreamers — and “no long white Cadillac.” It’s a sweet and romantic song, which isn’t surprising to hear from Tim.


“How I’ll Always Be”

“How I’ll Always Be” brings Tim back full circle to his love for Chevrolet. This song is pure Tim McGraw, describing who he is at his core, his country quirks, and the things he loves — including “chert rock bouncing off a Chevy fender.” It’s clear that Tim has always had Chevys around him, and we love to hear him incorporating the brand into his art and expression.


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