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How to Easily Make Your Own Car Bow

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DIY Big Car Bow

So, you have bought someone you love very much a car as a present, which means you are pretty much guaranteed to win Christmas this year. Thanks to the “December to Remember” commercials by Lexus, though, you need a big (probably red) bow to make the vehicle presentable for Christmas morning.

It’s a little late to order one online, but we have you covered with a beautiful paper bow made with supplies you can pick up at any store that carries school supplies.Before you start, buy two pieces of large poster board in the color you would like your ribbon, and gather a ruler, scissors, glue gun, and pen or pencil.

According to the Paper Guru, crafters need to cut eight 4” by 22” strips from the poster board, keeping the strips as straight as possible. Next, glue the ends of each strip together to create a teardrop-shaped loop. Once you have two loops, glue the narrow ends of two of them together to create a basic bow. Repeat the process until you have four basic bows, and then stack them on top of each other to form the gift wrap bow shape and glue in place.  If everything we just said sounds like a foreign language, check out the video below.

Cut three more strips of poster board. One should be glued into a circle, and then attached to the top of the bow pile as the crowning loop. The other two pieces should be attached to the bottom of the bow to form the end of the “ribbon”. You can cut the edges at an angle for the full ribbon effect.

These paper bows are great for cars, but they are also suitable for any big Christmas gift. They really add a finishing touch to any present this holiday season.

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