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How to Mind Your Carpool Manners

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At times, sharing a ride with family members or friends can be tiring to the nerves. But, sharing a ride with strangers, colleagues, acquaintances in a carpool can be the ultimate test of patience. The annoyance, weirdness, and just plain stress of sharing a ride can negate the positives effects of carpooling, like saving money on gas, wear and tear of your car,  and minimizing your carbon footprint. But, by exercising some carpool etiquette and abiding to some carpool rules, you and your carpool members can be anxiety-free.

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First things first—establish the specifics of your rideshare, including schedule for pick-up and return trips, who is driving on which day, location for connections, and your route, according to the experts at

Money is always a touchy subject no matter who you’re talking to, but with your ridesharers, money must be discussed; responsibility for costs like gas and tolls should be talked about and agreed upon by the group, according to the experts at

In case of car trouble, change of plans, or emergencies, be sure everyone involved in the carpool has everyone else’s number, and in the event of you need to make a change, be sure to contact your group as soon as possible, advise the experts.

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Once the logistics have been determined, try and connect with your rideshare friends, according to the experts, and the experts stress the importance of being “pleasant, courteous, and respectful of fellow carpoolers; be mindful that some people prefer to be quiet in the mornings.”

When it’s your turn to drive the carpool, make sure your car is clean and comfortable for the group, and put your best driving foot forward—obey the road rules—advise the experts.

No one likes to be kept waiting, so be mindful of your carpool’s schedule—be on time, every time, advice the experts.

By minding your carpool manners and etiquette rules, your carpool will be humming along in no time.

News Source: Commuter Connections, Esurance