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How to Stop Your Car from Being a Hot Mess on a Road Trip

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2016 Jeep Cherokee

Ah, the excitement, freedom, and the out-of-control mess of a car that a road trip brings. The mess—like all messes—starts out small and innocent.  A wrapper, then two…an empty water bottle, or seven…a wet towel…sandy shoes…then an entire wardrobe that’s 100% dirt and stink.

Road trips mean adventure−a break from everyday life−which often leaves no room or desire for chores like cleaning out the car. But, for the sake of your vehicle and the sense of smell for your loved ones in tow, it’s a good idea to pause the adventure for a little while and probably time for a well-needed clean-up and de-cluttering.

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According to writer Michelle Bucher, adopting Benjamin Franklin’s mantra of “A place for everything, everything in its place,” is a good strategy for your road-tripping car. On her family road trips, pillows, blankets, and snacks find a home in the backseat, while the trunk contains the cooler, clothes, and extra, yet non-essential, road trip stuff.

Be sure to pack a garbage bag or container for trash, especially if you’re hitting the road for an extended period of time, advises Bucher. A few plastic totes will go a long way in keeping random things you collect during the road trip and even eating utensils for meals-on-the-go organized, according to Bucher.

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Incorporate a few organizational pit stops into your road trip, too.

“Pull over from time to time and have a reorganization session. We often do this when we stop at a grocery store to restock our cooler. This is a great time to pull everything out of the car, find random garbage that’s made its way under the seats, and maybe even find lost items that you haven’t seen in days,” writes Bucher.

Road trips are supposed to be carefree, fun, and adventurous, but if you’re drowning in your car’s mess, your road trip can quickly veer into a stressful, clutter-filled box of yuck that everyone can’t wait to escape.

News Source: TravelPulse