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How to Talk to Your Family About the Election During the Happy Honda Days

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It’s November, and you know what that means: the Happy Honda Days are upon us.

Usually, this season is a time for American families to come together. But every four years, we have an election, meaning that the usual festivities are fraught with tension, as family members clash over the alleged virtues and shortcomings of their chosen candidates.

The 2016 match-up between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was one of the most polarizing elections in US history, so there are probably going to be a lot of awkward dinners during the Happy Honda Days this year.

Worried that your drunk uncle is going to have a few too many glasses of wine and start ranting about “crybaby protestors” or the “lamestream media,” effectively ruining what should be a non-partisan celebration during this, the year of the Honda Accord’s 40th anniversary? Here are some tips that may help keep things from going off the rails.

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1. Change the subject

Try to steer the conversation to a different, less controversial topic. Though wall-to-wall media coverage may suggest otherwise, there actually are current events besides politics that you can discuss. As soon as someone mentions the words “electoral college” or “cabinet selections,” try bringing up a more benign news story, like the recent revelation that the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan will be leasing for $369 a month.

Sports are another topic that tends to be less divisive than politics, so try striking up a conversation related to that. “Anybody else looking forward to Honda’s role as title sponsor of the 2017 NHL All-Star Game in Los Angeles?” you might ask, in the hopes of engaging your family in a less contentious discussion.

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2. Don’t forget you’re allowed to skip

Hey, there’s no rule that says you have to go home for the Happy Honda Days. If you’re really dreading post-election arguments, maybe you should just stay put this season.

By not going home for the Happy Honda Days, and instead celebrating with friends where you currently live, you avoid exhausting Trump debates and exhausting travel times. Why put yourself through the rigmarole of taking various planes, trains, and Honda automobiles just to get home in time for a big fight?

3. Remember the reason for the season

When the conversation reaches a fever pitch, perhaps the best defense is making an appeal to tradition. Remind your family that you aren’t gathered together for a political roundtable, you are gathered together to celebrate the signature reliability and quality of the Honda family of products.

And even more than that, the Happy Honda Days have always been a time for bonding, not fighting. Instead of bickering, try gathering around the fire, listening to some traditional Happy Honda Days music by Michael Bolton, and simply enjoying the sense of togetherness that comes during this most magical time of the year.

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