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Hybrid Chevy Corvette Still on the Table for Next Generation

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GM President, Mark Reuss, will not rule out a hybrid Chevy Corvette.

GM President, Mark Reuss, will not rule out a hybrid Chevy Corvette.

Last year, GM President, Mark Reuss, hinted that we shouldn’t rule out a hybrid Chevy Corvette before the current generation (which just began with the 2014 Corvette Stingray) is over. While it’s not very likely that we will actually see such a thing during the current generation, Reuss just recently gave us enough hope for an eventual electric-powered ‘Vette that will keep us going a while longer.

The comments on the hybrid Chevy Corvette actually appeared as an afterthought in an article in the Detroit Free Press last week. The article focused on morale at General Motors following the ignition switch recall, but it was in the last two paragraphs that Reuss hinted at a hybrid variant not for the current seventh-gen ‘Vette but perhaps for the eighth.

Reportedly, General Motors has already begun to work on the next-generation Corvette, despite the newness of the current one. While Reuss did not promise a hybrid Chevy Corvette in the article, he “would not rule out a hybrid or electric ‘Vette.” His refusal to rule it out indicates that the idea is at least on the table, which is a start.

What do you think? Is there a place in the market for a hybrid Chevy Corvette, or should we cling to the tradition of gasoline-powered American sports cars?