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Hybrid Scion FR-S Development at ‘Advanced’ Stage

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hybrid Scion FR-S

Toyota has announced a hybrid Scion FR-S in the works.

Toyota has been discussing the possible development of a hybrid technology for its Scion FR-S since this time last year and, according to Toyota drivetrain manager Koei Saga, it looks like it has happened. Currently in the “advanced” stage, the hybrid system will place the Scion FR-S with the TS030 Hybrid Le Mans prototype, possibly using a similar KERS-style hybrid system.

Not much information is known about the specific type of technology the hybrid Scion FR-S is testing, but considering Toyota is the industry’s leader in alternative powertrains, there’s no denying that they have their options. What we do know, though, is that the weight of a hybrid system won’t affect the Scion FR-S’s performance—engineers have already managed to remove 220 lbs of curb weight from the racecar.

Currently, production hasn’t been approved, but when it is the hybrid system could provide exactly what the doctor ordered—more on-demand torque for the FR-S.

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